Cod WW2 does not work

idk why my game keeps crashing when i load it with infinity?

idk what i expected from a free app not impressed with your program right now, alot of mods dont work for me
like unturned, ww2, terraria, FTL, the forest,…

Okay so… For CoD it’s not updated for the newest version.
Unturned is updated for the newest version which means that’s something on your end.
FTL has low priority but will be updated when version guard is out (this weekend) aswell as The Forest.

I am sorry you’re not impressed but i am not impressed from you either. Your reading skills suck.

You need to disable battle eye for unturned.
The ftl trainer is up to date except some options.
The forest updates every damn day or week, version guard is the solution.
Terreria is a dead game and no point in only updating it for free leeches with entitlement.

Cod ww2 has anticheat, blame the game devs.

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