CoD4 10th Prestige Lobby [FREE]

Status: Closed
NOTE: I will only invite two people!!

All you gotta do is keep on killing yourself once your in the game.
For an invite, post your gamertag here…

EDIT: I’ve modded quite a few people but only got 2 thanks. If you get in and get your desired prestige, you know what to do :wink:.

Your using Cacti’s patch?

Inv: GT- Marty n Jerry

Guys I can only do 7 at a time and I have 7 people. If you sent me a message I’ll have to invite you a little bit later…

Yeah but I edited the score down to 4000 so low levels work…

Is this with a jtag or what?

Cacti’s patch already had that :3

Those are infections from a jtag.

No it didn’t I had to edit it… I used the link you gave me…

Wow, Cacti failed and uploaded the wrong one then …

Ahhh Wish i had a 48 hour

Aiight, I sent you a message. I messaged you from the account known as “V6A”. :smile:

Well sorry but you’re at the end of the list it’s gonna take a while :anguished:

Ight I sent the message…Hopefully I can get into this one because the last one I tried to get in I didn’t get an invite. :confused:

I sent you a message

I’ll be waiting then. :confused:

  1. Why’d you decline my friend request?
  2. Are you going to invite me?

Can somebody invite me when there’s a slot open

Ok, here is the correct patch Cacti was using MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Be patient. I have hosted many lobbies and you don’t always have time to accept everyones friend request/ invite them. Its a very busy process of hosting, you have to manage donations, invites, friend requests, the thread, and the lobby itself.

I’m not sure, but haven’t you hosted lobbies before, you should know how they are.

nice of you to host this for people man :thumbsup:

Thnks man invite me to the next one still need 10th