COD4 Infections Lobby [OPEN]

Website= My Website Need help here if anyone will help me on this that be great
Gamertag= TheXbox720info
Status Open
Rules= No Messages about invites you will be blocked also no Friend Request you will also be Blocked.Just Private Message TheXbox720info then join session and then read the bio to find how to turn the mods on.

Please post legit,thank, and +rep would help me out a lot thanks again guys for all the thanks and the lobby is open for 3 months now

Mods are as follow~~
Super jump=When Host,sit in split screen game for a min for this to stick
No Fall damage up high
Chrome Guns=Always on
Chrome Map=Always on
Aim Bot+Always on
Wall Hack+Always on
Unlimited Ammo=When host
Text on Screen=Always
UAV Big=Always. When game start hit the Back button for it to come on.
Small Cross Hairs When Use Steady Aim
Show Players On Map At All Times To
Blast Sheld i think=Up On Dpad

[size=35]TTG Post I Made[/size]

[ ]3500
[ ]4000
[ ]4500

Please post legit if you get the mods working.
Lobby will be open for a little bit so hurry

why are you offline

You’re offline, or appearing offline :L

im not

It’s probably your privacy settings.




what r the infections

what are the mods?

chrome, aimbot, wallhack,supper jump, unlimited ammo

is there the stupid yellow txt when you move

ya the text on the screen still

Legit :smiley:

With the superjump do i die when i hit the ground?


NVM got it to work

But legit

trying to get in…


Give it about a minute and it will.

LEgitness Thanks

Chrome is so annoying.