Cody's Car Thread (Mainly exotic cars)

I work for a magazine company that gives me the privilege to drive, photograph and be around amazing cars. I go to a lot of shows and have a lot of friends with exotic cars. So I figured I’d make a thread where I’ll share my shots of the cars I drive and get to be around. I do photoshoots several times a month so I’ll update this thread. But enjoy.

All these photos are taken by myself. Will upload more once I dump my SD cards.

McLaren 650S

Interior of 650S

McLaren MP4-12C, 650S and another MP4-12C

Koenigsegg Agera R @ NYIAS

Corvette Z06 @ NYIAS

Co-workers Aerial Atom

Friends VW VR6

Concept Supra @ NYIAS

Minutes before I test drove the MP4-12C

Friends Merc AMG

BMW I8 Hybrid @ NYIAS

Friends LFA at our booth

Co-workers Aventador (Vinyl Wrapped, for sale too if you’re interested!)

Same guys Aerial Atom

Boss’ GTR

Damn all of those are bad ass, you’re lucky

Trust me, I’m very grateful.

I’m trying to drive that MP4-12C and the Agera R :thumbsup:

I got to drive the MP4-12C but the Agera R…I wish.
They aren’t gonna let me drive a multi-million dollar car.

Theoretically I could afford the MP4-12C, they do great leasing plans and I get paid $35 an hour, but I could never, ever afford the Agera R, couldn’t even afford the insurance on it lol.

I can’t believe that the MP4-12C isn’t that much. It’s truly a great car. Also I mean with $35 an hour, you can afford a lease around $4million for the Agera. The day you say you drove a Hennessey Venom Gt, is the day I get on my knees and call you god.

McLaren for the price you can’t beat. They’re engineering is astounding. The 650S drives so nice too, and its practical. Great mileage, trunk space, AC, radio, etc.

Have you heard anything about the 2017 Ford gt?

No but I’m sure I will. We did a shoot of the Ferarri La Ferarri months before it was available.

If you get the chance for that or the 2017 Ford Raptor, i’d love for some post.

Glad to see you you’re doing well now.
These are pretty sweet. Best I’ve done is drive an Audi R8 lol… I really want to do it again sometime though.

I haven’t got to drive an R8. Two of my close friends have one, just never got around to it. Did get to drive the LFA though.

Really…let me check my bank account…next topic. Lol

Thank you for creating this thread and expanding on your previous thread of showing off the Aventador. Like a lot of people on this site, I love car, especially cars that I’ll never be able to afford, and so I, like I said, I thank you for expanding on the previous thread. Would it be possible for you to explain how you got into that career field?

…seems like a job that you’d have to know someone who knows someone because, no offense, a lot of people take pictures of cars and would kill to have that as their career!

Thanks again for sharing and I’ll have to keep my eyes out of the thread to be updated with more pictures/vehicles!

Have you done anything involving the 503HP VW GTI Concept?

Image - [CLICK]

(A few buddies and I got to see the vehicle at an event about a year or so ago and it was just awesome looking!)

Friend is asking for $355,000 for the Aventador lol.
But I haven’t, the company I work for specializes in exotic cars mainly. But I do have friends with VR6’s that push that much HP out and maybe more. I’ve seen some give the GTR a run for its money.

I got into this job because I know someone who liked my work and started a magazine and I was at the right place at the right time that’s all.

Wow great photos. You’re pretty lucky to be around exotic cars for a job and even be able to drive some of them thats pretty cool

With the exotics you can’t drive do they atleast let you sit in the car at all? At car shows i know they probably wouldn’t

Since we usually have press passes yeah I usually do. Which is nice.

Open Me

Ah, I figured I’d ask since you said you’re around a lot of different vehicles and meet a lot of different people, but what you said makes sense and I understand. As for the job/fellow acquaintance, that’s very cool and just goes to show that you never know what life will present you on a day-to-day basis.

Thanks again!

Damnit I made a mess all over my keyboard!
I’m really feeling that BMW I8 Hybrid. It appealed to me the minute I scrolled down and say it.
Going to be buying that Koenigsegg Agera R the day I hit the lottery (if that ever happens)!

That’s really cool. Have you happened to drive the Aston Martin V8 Vantage or the Maserati GTS, if so which would you say is better? With my future career, the income I will be making would allow leasing to be very affordable and I narrowed it down to those two.

And like they say, you pay only goes up. You lucky SOB. Here I am making $14.68/hr for an airliner. But I do get to fly for $2.50+taxes so theres that.