COH Legacy Trainer

Will there be a trainer for Steam COH Legacy edition?

Hello there @emkbmks. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’re referring to the game called “Company of Heroes: Legacy Edition”?
When you abbreviate the game name (especially older ones) then it’s going to be difficult for people to realise what game you’re referring to, since many games these days share the same or similar abbreviations.

Are you certain that the trainer for the non-legacy version of the game doesn’t work on the legacy version? It might not and there’s no guarantee it will, but it’s worth a try just in case. Company of Heroes Cheats and Trainer for Steam.

Otherwise, at this moment in time, it’s not possible to vote for a legacy edition trainer for this game at the moment. WeMod makes trainers as long as there is enough community interest in those trainer via voting for them in the WeMod desktop app.
I’ll pass on a suggestion to add an option to vote for a trainer for the Legacy edition. However, do bear in mind the game is now 14 years old - the majority of the playerbase for this game has moved on.

Don’t forget to check out this forum section for freebies in the meantime: Deals & Giveaways - WeMod Community. :slight_smile: