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Collecting PC Game Saves

Hey Guys,

Sean from TTG here,

I had a quick chat with Frank and he gave me his blessing to create this thread.

TTG has been on a mission to index every game save, mod tool / known homebrew for every console made and we’ve pretty much done it other than all PC Game Saves

So far we have indexed and store on our servers 13,000+ PC Saves but we’ve now hit a wall within our community so here I am on WeMod to see if any of you have saves you wish to share that we can add to the list.

You don’t have to submit them yourself feel free to just attach them to this thread or post a link where we can grab them and we will add them as they become posted.

All we need is the following:

SAVE DETAILS (What it offers)

Just in case we still have some XboxMB OG’s here I lost my ‘Sean’ account during the XboxMB to WeMod merge so that’s a sad face.



I’m not sure if these are something you’d want for the collection, but feel free to take them if you do. I’m just going to link you to my YouTube videos for both so you can read my descriptions and know exactly what these are and have to offer. Download links are in the videos descriptions.

Title: Elliot Quest
Save Details: Max Coins (9999) Modded Starter Save
Credit: SteveWonda
YouTube & Download Links:

Title: Treasure Adventure Game
Save Details: Max Coins(9999) Modded Starter Save
Credit: SteveWonda
YouTube & Download Links:

P.S. When I first noticed this topic it didn’t even cross my mind that I might have something to offer. I’m an older guy and love old school style games like these. These 2 are some of my favorites. I really enjoyed playing through them legit even having to grind for coins to get everything and 100% completion. I have replayed both using these modded saves and they do exactly what they’re meant to. No more worrying about putting extra hours of play time in to get enough coins to purchase everything you want…or just purchase EVERYTHING, you have enough coins for that now! I’m not sure if anyone has downloaded either of these from my YouTube uploads, but maybe if they’re on TTG they’ll get more looks.


Thank you Steve!

Oddly enough we added a Modded PC Games area the other day so these are the 1st two added to the that area you can see the here

PC Modded Game Saves

I added the links to your YouTube videos too in the details :slight_smile: Its an odd request but we’re doing it mainly for archival purposes during the Xbox 360 days almost everyone used Megaupload when they were closed down it took with it almost the whole scenes tools, saves etc leaving only what TTG had indexed. if 1 person finds your saves useful that’s good enough for us to host them and keep them online forever.

These sort of comments make it worth it

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