Compatible games- remove uninstalled games

I have 7 games currently in my compatible games list, but 4 are not actually installed anymore on my laptop. Would assume they should now be in the not installed list. Is there something need to do to move/remove them?

Unfortunately, no. I put a suggestion in for a feature to manually uninstall games from trainer lists a little while ago: Manual Uninstall of Trainers. I’ve done everything short of reinstalling WeMod to no avail. It is annoying, but not a program breaking bug. Best we can do is hope this feature gets added or at least this gets patched.

What would happen if we try uninstalling and reinstalling WeMod? Would it affect us negatively?

Hey, which games are showing up? Is it for every game you uninstall, or just a few?

So far it is only happened with four games, but they are the four I have uninstalled at this point. Rise of the tomb raider, one piece pirate warriors 3, FTL faster than light, and call of duty: black ops II

This will be fixed in the next update :+1:

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I get this issue a lot as well, it’s not every game but happens quite often and I just ignore it. If I am installing a lot of games or something constantly I will just reinstall the app and sign in to clear it all.