Complete modding guide to mod FORZA 3!

Ok first of all you must have DIAMOND/Old timer/Epic/PNET to use the tool and second have modio,xport360, transfer cable, USB so you can get your profile on the desktop.

  1. Put your xbox account and Forza 3 save on your USB if you using that or just detach the HDD from your xbox and plug it in your computer with a transfer cable.

  2. Make a new folder for backups if they get corrupted THIS IS ESSENTIAL!

  3. Get your account/save on you desktop minimize the program that you are using we will get back to it.

  4. Open horizon.

  5. Click on the Forza 3 mod tool and click open select your SAVE it should say ForzaProfile!

  6. Now mod the credits,level,XP you have NOTE THE MAX LEVEL IS 50 DON’T GO PAST THAT!
    Also if you are an offline account you can mod it to anything you want or you can mod it on a gold account to anything you want but don’t go online!

  7. Click the orange “save” button it should say rehashed and resigned.

8 Now we go back to that program that you used drag you modded save where the original save was at click yes i want to over ride.

  1. Put the usb/HDD back in your xbox and transfer your profile and save back onto your xbox or if you are using an HDD just plug it in and sign in to your profile.

  2. You are done!

Also if you need more help here is a video and i will be posting pics of what the steps are!
If you need more help just post here or PM me! :thumbsup:

YouTube - How to mod forza 3 using horizon. This video is with XPORT360!

Also when you do this do not go to the auction house and buy lots of cars at one time because you will be banned from the house only buy 1 or 2 an hour. Also it is not my fault if you mess up or get banned IT’S YOUR FAULT

Great post, Michael! I’m sure this will help many people. You may want to include any precautions about going online. I modded my level to 2050 but never went online and was fine! Just let them know what could happen! Thanks.

Thanks and i’ve edited it!

great TuT! i gotta try this havnt played the game in a while…

Lol i didnt read that you could get banned now i am lol :smile: I ent that sad Turn 10 only make forza hehe :smile: good post mate.

I made a video a while ago it should get stickied.

I wanted the Username Michael! Well good post.

Nice work! I can definitely use this.