Computer Chair On a Budget

Well, I’m looking into buying a computer chair in order to hopefully enhance my horrible posture. Yes, I know if I have the money to buy a Herman Miller or a Steel Case, but I really don’t find myself spending that much money for a chair I would rather do other things with it, so my current budget is $300 and I was looking into buying the IKEA Markus or the Volmair, but I don’t know which one is better. Also, what are some good office chairs that you guys would recommend on this budget?

It fully depends of what you like. I found them slightly uncomfortable. But you should try them to see for yourself.

Just go down to a local store and try them out. Find one you like and then see if you can find it online at a cheaper price or if it is cheaper in the store. This isn’t something I’d take a huge amount of advice from except maybe in terms of brand, considering things like height, weight, etc. are all going to affect what makes it more comfortable for you.

these chairs are very comfortable

If you are from europe be sure to check out “Argos” for the X Rocker Drift ranging about £160.I recieved this as a great present,very comfortable,easy to setup,comeswith cables for bass and surround sound built in speakers.Easy to clean with a hoover.I saw some reviews about the positions of the cable which is the right side connected but because of the lay out of my room this was perfect.But found out anyway they are so long they can tuck under the chair or out of the way or run around the side of a room


2x4 technology my friend!