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Conan Exiles Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Try disabling your antivirus, and running infinity as admin.


I tried that aswell. Still not working. Using legit version of the game on steam tho. Could it be version related?


No its not because of that. Its an issue with the initialization. Something is stopping infinity from initializing trainer code… Try this

Close Infinity then goto “C:\Users{Youraccount}\AppData\Roaming\Daring Development\Infinity\trainers” and delete the file “13198-1486511022.bin” Then launch infinity. Start the game in non-battleye mod and then click start in infinity.

Let me know if it works


@STiNGERR Thanks. It is working now :smiley: Also thank you for sticking with me and helping me out.


@STiNGERR just FYI, writing %username% in paths works.


Would be recognized as:


(if your username is thisismyusername.)


Dont know why but max health and Stamina wont work for me all other options work without a problem.


Game got an update. I will update it within 24 hours.


Trainer updated


Game update just pushed through steam this morning. Game now crashes shortly after using the trainer.


@player8410 Trainer updated


y’know my cheats dont work like at all the game doesn’t open I did turn off my protection against viruses program and stuff I did the -eac_launcher thing in steam thing too aaaannndd, nope. doesnt work.:sleepy: error code 5 aswell.


This game doesn’t use eac it uses battleeye, you need to launch from steam without BE


Yea I’m loading the trainer after game is up. The game is on without BattleEye and crashes once I use a cheat.


Looks like the trainer needs an update. I will check


Trainer updated!


And Whats NOW? u Work on this TRAINER?


Same here! Have you figured it out yet?


Hey Wemod :slight_smile: Can you update this cheat. The devs released a few patches yesterday and are still going sporadically I believe. I tried the cheat but although it launches nothing seems to register in game. btw, every other cheat in other games work fine so I suspect its the update yesterday.


any updates coming ??


hey i been trying connan exiles for a bit now and nothing works can someone either update the mod thank you