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Conan Exiles Cheats and Trainer for Steam


i don`t mean to be a pain but how log does it usually take to update the cheats for this game because i would like to use them again LOL XD


There is no way for us to say how long it will take. STN updates trainers as quickly as he can but when he has 200 games to update it can take some time.


This one is @STiNGERR’s but you’re right :wink:


Yeah I even messaged stinger and he has been on since I messaged him a couple times just no reply


The Conan Exiles cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Hey STiNGERR, the game has updated, could you update the cheats too?
thanks <3


+1 for update


playing in single player with anti cheat disabled but none of the cheats are working they make the sound and if i alt tab out it shows they are on but none of them seem to work


hello sorry to say cheats are not working i know your busy but any help would be great thank you


morning when will the trainer get the update as it seems its been out of date for 3 months and cheats do not work, any chance of some sort of feedback to roughly when it will be getting the update??? thanks


wat cheats dont work for you?


all dont work, it connects and turns on but it takes no effect


Any planed updates as the game is now in release and at V 1.0? Thanks for all the hard work.


an update to the trainer would be awesome, nothing works atm.


Infinity changes, it is now “Infinity” instead. But this trainer is outdated so nothing anyone can do. Stingerr doesn’t interact with the forum anymore and this trainer is not popular at all so extremely unlikely that it will be updated.


His last post was 21 hours ago is what his profile says.


Doesn’t mean he interacts with the Forum. If he updates a game he makes a post about it.
Or if he makes a trainer for a new game


Hi there!
Im trying to activate the cheats, but it doesnt work at all! please help!.
I use only on single player mode with battle-eye off.
i run the game trough Steam, then i run Infinity app, then press Play on infinity.
Then i go to Inventory in game , and try to activate the heats but nothing happens…


Read the posts above yours.


STiNGERR, thanks for fast reply. I did every step, but it doesnt seems to working… while i anable the heats, i can hear the sound, but nothing happens… im trying this for a couple of hours now… so tired!