Conan Exiles isnt working for me

i cant get this to work every time i try to load it it says “we are having trouble loading the cheats into you game. try restarting the game, or pressing help for more” i have restarted it many times i even restarted my pc as well ran steam and wemod as admin and still doesn’t work. can someone help me please and also the Help button on the message wemod gives me takes me to page not found.

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Where did you get your copy of the game from?

Make sure you’re using MrAntiFun’s trainer, which was updated just over 2 weeks ago: Conan Exiles Cheats and Trainer for Steam.
The one made by STiNGERR isn’t as up to date.

Click the down arrow next to the Play button and make sure the path to the game .exe is correct. Then launch the game first. When on the main menu alt+tab to WeMod and press play.

Hi there,

I’m having the same issues, also after having tried the suggested solution. I’m on steam with the game. I also tried reinstalling wemod. But it looks like Conan Exiles just go a huge update recently, which might be the reason for it not working.

It has worked in the past with no fuzz at all :slight_smile:

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These are separate issues.
At the time of the OP’s post, the trainer was up to date and working fine.

At the time of this post, however, there has been an update to the game. Therefore you need to request an update for the trainer via your WeMod desktop app.

Here’s how to correctly request an update to trainers: How do I request an update for games? - WeMod Support