App Horizon

Connection to Server


I have Windows 7, i have disabled the firewall, changed the UAC and downloaded the program again. I cannot connect to the server. Any help please?


Try this one
If not you need the .netframework not sure if win 7 is able use it
And make sure your antivirus is disabled for sure


That version will not work on windows 7. Antivirus has been uninstalled


That is the same version as you download from our primary download link it is just a self contained installer.

What happens when you try to run the installer?


I upgraded to Windows 10 which has helped me log onto the server. Thank you.

How do you modify games saves with Horizon? Basically I am downloading a save from the internet and trying to rehash and save it a thumb drive. When I start the game on the 360 it says the save is corrupt. I have not figured out what I am doing wrong.


I also keep getting an error message when I try to extract a file, inject a file or quick fix it. It says unhandled exception in application. I cannot click any of the buttons and have to go to task manager to close down horizon.


Oh your trying to get horizon to work I thot it was for wemod
Not too good with horizon. Just somethings I see when I use the search up top.


Sorry I will try to post there.


That’s ok just didnt know what didnt work for you. I should have noticed it said diamond next to your name
What actually happens when you try it ?
How bout drag n drop a file that should work
Heres something else


I have it working now. Thanks for the help.

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