Console ban for using horizon?

What kind of punishments can be issued for using Horizon?

The most they’d probably do is reset whatever you mod, or ban your account (rarely). I’ve never heard of anyone getting console banned due to horizon.

Just about anything depending on what you banned for.

The worste thing happened to me, was account banned. Cant really tell what tool it was, the account had 1,000,000 gamerscore, had all avatar awards, and a lil color mods on the avatar.

It really depends on you, not the program. If you mod alot and more obvious then you have a higher ban/suspension rate. It all depends on what you mod, and how much you mod it.

They perma-ban for the avatar mods :\

My avatar has been blue since I joined here and I have never been banned

They perma ban for Gamerscore modding… if you do it twice

Does that include the avatar awards. since that account i have been kinda scared to.

Avatar Awards have the lowest rate of ban. I haven’t heard of anyone being banned for modding avatar awards.

Sweet, Im going Shopping!!!

Ive Had 3 Permanent Bans, But that was for doing silly stuff. Like 500,000 gamer score in one hit. Also i think it was old horizon i used for color modding avatar.

Im not worried, They were my testing accounts i used to test horizon mod tools when they were released.

You don’t get banned for using Horizon, you get banned for going overboard with the mods.

Remember, everything in moderation.