Control (DX11) Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

JHi there was an update and it seems the no reload no longer works. Just needs a quick update . Too bad just when the DlC comes out.

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Hey man thanks for the update,but could you update this when you? maybe at teleport or infinite levitation?

infinite levitation would be epic!!!

will this ever get a update ?

The Control cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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hi thank you kindly. If you can can you add Infinite Levitation if possible. Thank you for the update.

Hi is it planed to add unlimited astral turbulence and other items ?

The game start normally but the app says “We are having trouble to find or start your opened game”. Is there is anyway to fix this

Make sure you are using correct trainer ( there are 2 if them one for DX11 and one for DX 12
Can try and start the game first then when game has started alt tab out then press the play button in wemod after

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Thank you very much my friend. I was using the wrong trainer ,its working all good now.

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Hello thanks for this cheats, “no reload” didn’t work with the new DLC I guess it’ll be fixed soon.

for some reason I don’t have the option to request for an update for this Game Trainer.

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In my case i can see the request o: for updates

thx for the trainer - for the dx11 version nothing work anymore. where can i vote for update? didnt found that option :frowning:


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I think the new cheats will come out when they take out the steam version I use the epic game, it always worked the trainers didn’t work with the new dlc but I think they’ll fix it soon. The option to vote is not available, and it is rare because I voted for the new update

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this trainer no longer works on Control Ultimate edition, health cheat and no reload both turned on and yet they dont work

gun still reloads and enemies still can kill me

Yes the game updated so the trainer will now need an update for the new release.

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I play with cheaters even if they’re not compatible, because the energy thing works, but if they kill me, and the bullets are spent, it’s the only thing, you just have to hope that everything is compatible for the new update.

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Yes, I’m playing DX11 version of the game, and the DX11 cheat and it’s doing nothing. No reload keeps deactivating and I can die… I need to be a god!!! :rofl:

I said they’re working on the steam version in conjunction with the epic version you have to wait it’s ready and everything works.

Good to hear. Thanks for reminding me. For now, I’ve found a trainer that does the job. Although now I’m stuck in some ruddy hotel and have no idea what I’m doing… :joy:

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