Convert XBOX 360 .iso files to Games on Demand format **Jtag**

You will need a few programs for this tutorial…

Xbox image browser… MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Create Iso… MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Iso2god … MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Step 1: Extract Contents of Scene Release ISO using Xbox Image Browser

To extract the contents of the .ISO, we will use Xbox Image Browser.

Run Xbox Image Browser.exe and select File–>Open Image File

Select your XBOX 360 .ISO file. For this tutorial, we will use Madden NFL 2010.

Right Click on the name of the .ISO and select extract

Create a new folder to place the extracted files in and click OK

Once the files are extracted, go to the folder and delete the $SystemUpdate folder.

Step 2: Create a new ISO for ISO2GOD using Create ISO

To create a new .ISO file to use with ISO2GOD, we will use Create ISO

Run Crear iso.exe(create iso)

Select the folder from Step 1 for the Source Folder and select a location to save
the new .ISO.

Click Create Iso

Step 3: Convert ISO to Games on Demand format using Iso2God

Now, we will use Iso2God to convert the .ISO to Games on Demand (GOD) format.

Run Iso2God.exe and select Add ISO

Select the .ISO from Step 2 as the Image Location and
create a new folder for the Output Location. The title
details will automatically be generated by the program

The .ISO will now be placed in queue. You may add more .ISO files created from Step 2 or convert just one .ISO for now

Click Convert. The program will now convert all of the .ISO files in your queue.

You now have successfully converted a full game rip to Games on Demand format.

Now, to play the game, just copy the folder created in step 3 (in this case 454108C6) to the hard drive on your JTAG XBOX 360 at this location:

Madden NFL 2010 for example, will be located:

There are several ways to copy the game to the XBOX 360. Personally, I copy the GOD folder created in Step 3 to a usb flash drive, insert it to my xbox
360 and copy to the XBOX 360 HDD using Freestyle Dash 1.09 that I have installed on my JTAG XBOX 360.

Now, to play the game, just go to Game Library, select Xbox 360 Games and select the game you want to play by hitting the Y Button.

Lmao I just open the ISO in Modio’s ISO explorer and extract the files to my USB.

Horizon should get an ISO explorer btw :smiley:

hahaha LoL

I forget how, but theres a better way that extracts straight to unpacked files.

Good Tut :smile:

Thanks Skillz.

My first post. :smile:

This is a very useful tutorial, but it doesn’t quite work for me. What am I doing wrong?

My setup: I have an unmodded Asian 360 and I own the original games of Ketsui (J) and Death Smiles (J). I also have a JTagged European 360 (dash 2.0.8955.0) on which I would like to play the 2 mentioned games as GOD.

So I found a Ketsui ISO and I followed this tut. But when I started Ketsui GOD on my European 360, I got the ‘wrong region’ error. Obvious.

So I did the tut again, but this time with an extra step, after extracting the iso, I modded and swapped the default.xex using XEX Tool 6.0 with the command line xextool -r r default.xex.

Now Ketsui GOD started on my European 360, but only the game menu works. when I want to play the game, I see for a brief moment the message ‘now loading’, and then it goes back to the game menu. No gameplay.

So I tried other XEX tool commands, like xextool -r mr default.xex and xextool -ra -m d default.xex. Without luck.

I also did an attempt with Death Smiles. This time I obtained no ISO, but I downloaded the content of the DVD, which was in my European 360 DVD drive, via FTP to my PC. So I skipped step 1 of this tutorial. But I did all other steps, including the use of XEX Tool. However, I got the same results as with Ketsui: the game starts, I can scroll through the game menu but I can’t start an actual gameplay.

What am I doing wrong. :anguished:

I know that it is doable because I did find a ready made Raiden IV (J) GOD somewhere, of which I also have the original game DVD, and this one does work on my European 360.

You know FSD 2.0 and above has a screenshot function right?

I don’t have FSD installed, just Xexmenu 1.1

Edit: I found the problem. my xbox had the wrong dash, I just upgraded to kernel 2.0.9199.0 with the use of freeboot toolbox and now my self generated GOD games work.

I facing to problem in picture down, please help me.

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I made the perfect conversion but when i put in my console hdd using xex menu 1.1 it get this message (This games requires an update). Kindly help me with this.

Find the update for the game here, download it and move it the correct folder.

What dash is your jtag/rgh on?

I have a flashed xbox 360, but it’s not JTAG/RGH, is there any way to convert iso’s to GOD and play them on my xbox without needing to JTAG/RGH?, I mean only with a flashed drive?

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