Convert XBOX 360 .iso files to Games on Demand format

[b]How to rip an XBOX 360 ISO and convert it to Games on Demand (GOD) format

You will need a few programs for this tutorial:[/b]

Xbox Image Browser
Create ISO

Step 1: Extract Contents of Scene Release ISO using Xbox Image Browser

To extract the contents of the .ISO, we will use Xbox Image Browser.

Run Xbox Image Browser.exe and select File–>Open Image File

Select your XBOX 360 .ISO file. For this tutorial, we will use Madden NFL 2010.

Right Click on the name of the .ISO and select extract

Create a new folder to place the extracted files in and click OK.

Once the files are extracted, go to the folder and delete the $SystemUpdate folder.

Step 2: Create a new ISO for ISO2GOD using Create ISO

To create a new .ISO file to use with ISO2GOD, we will use Create ISO

Run Crear iso.exe.

Select the folder from Step 1 for the Source Folder and select a location to save
the new .ISO.

Click Create Iso

Step 3: Convert ISO to Games on Demand format using Iso2God

Now, we will use Iso2God to convert the .ISO to Games on Demand (GOD) format.

Run Iso2God.exe and select Add ISO

Select the .ISO from Step 2 as the Image Location and
create a new folder for the Output Location. The title
details will automatically be generated by the program.

The .ISO will now be placed in queue. You may add more .ISO files created from Step 2 or convert just one .ISO for now.

Click Convert. The program will now convert all of the .ISO files in your queue.

You now have successfully converted a full game rip to Games on Demand format.

[b]Now, to play the game, just copy the folder created in step 3 (in this case 454108C6) to the hard drive on your JTAG XBOX 360 at this location:

Madden NFL 2010 for example, will be located:

There are several ways to copy the game to the XBOX 360. Personally, I copy the GOD folder created in Step 3 to a usb flash drive, insert it to my xbox
360 and copy to the XBOX 360 HDD using Freestyle Dash 1.09 that I have installed on my JTAG XBOX 360.

Now, to play the game, just go to Game Library, select Xbox 360 Games and select the game you want to play by hitting the Y Button.

I have over 80 games on my 500GB internal Hard drive in Games on Demand format. There have been a handful of games that don’t work for me. If you can add to this list, please post here and I will update this post.

Games not compatible:
Asterix at the Olympics
Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts
Hasbro Family Game Night


  1. These programs come up as viruses when I run them through my antivirus program.
    This is a false positive. I’ve never had any problems with any of the programs. Not to mention, they are used by a lot of XBOX 360 users. I’ve never heard of anyone encountering any problems with them either.



Here are the download links to the programs. You should add them to your post.

Xbox Image Browser
Create Iso

Nice tutorial. Wish you could play them on a normal xbox :anguished:

:’( I wanted this on a normal xbox, what’s the point then LOL!

so you cant do this on a normal xbox?

this makes me sad, this is only for jtaggers who are too lazy to go through their xex menu or whatever the hell its called to select a game to play

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Better to just extract the game and run the xex in my opinion.
Quicker too.

Already copy and posted here:

Search first :wink: