Cool Gamerpics

I can’t seem to find these pictures anywhere on the horizon, I was wondering if someone can make me a gamerpic pack with these pics. Also can you explain to me how to get them on my usb to my xbox. I’m a beginner, not a computer wiz yet. Thank you for your time,

Team Dzn

Blind Ferret Entertainment


Looney Tunes

If these are not actual gamerpictures you can’t have a pack.

If they are you can make one yourself via Horizon.:slight_smile:

Those are real gamerpictures.
He said he can’t find them in Horizon.

EDIT: I don’t use Horizon much but does the Gamer Picture Manager even work anymore?

Ah, sorry my lack of sleep caught me out.
I’ll have a look myself then. :smile:

  • Yes it works.

Here, I made the Pack for you. Link

The gamestop ones you can download off the dashboard can’t you?

Thank you
now how do I get them on my xbox. lol

The gamestop gamerpics are really old, I’m guessing they got released in 2008 for limited time.

Just put it on your flashdrive. That’s pretty much it.
Horizon does most of the work.

Thank you, I got them.