Cool Ghost glitch for map packs

So a while ago i found this glitch that lets you make an account and put all the map packs so you can give it away.

  1. Have the season pass on your console(i did xbox 360 dont know if works on others)
  2. Make an account(can be silver)
    3.Get on Cod Ghost and you should be able to download the map packs for free on the silver account.
    4.Give account to friend so he can file transfer.

I was only able to make one account that was able to transfer successfully

Sorry if not clear if have more questions msg me on skype:james.schafer5 or on xbox 360 Gt:Fw SoIutions

Did you buy the season pass? or add it in with horizon?

If he added it with Horizon, it would not work.

I dont think this would work since the original license is on the other account.

Sounds pretty amazing if you ask me

But than again no one asked me :expressionless:

How does it sound?

To answer all the questions

I personally did not buy it but i file transferred it to my xbox

It just needs to be file transferred to the xbox or purchased on xbox.