Coromon Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I wouldn’t mind that script…

We need a lot for this game as the same for mircomon as well

need some infinite items and sp along with some 100% catch rate

Yush please as long as it stays updated

The Coromon cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

If you still have it, can you send it to me in dm?

Can we have any hopes for these cheats to be added in the next version ?

  • Exp Multiplier
  • Perfect Coromons (in party/box/wild encounters)
  • Game speed multiplier
  • 100% capture rate
  • 100% accuracy (your coromon never misses his attacks)

I can’t think of more right now, but these would be the most needed to be honest.

Edit : Would probably also need some kind of invincibility in the mini-games inside of it, Swurmy Rush and Flappy Swurmy so we can get the steam achievements (these ones are atrocious)


Is this trainer dead now? Hasn’t been updated in such a long time. cheat-happens gave up on it as un-trainerable. Only active group that seems to be taking a shot at it is Cheat Evolution. And theirs is now out of date too.

The trainer still works, but there won’t be any more mods added.

None of these cheats work as intended anymore, is anything going to be done about this or should I look elsewhere for an updated trainer?

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also missing a couple major additions like exp bonus and better chance to get the better rarities

please fix trainers… the hp restore one makes hp go to 500

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It really bugs me that trainers don’t get updated when they’re obviously broken or don’t work anymore.

Lots of people play this game. Please fix trainer.

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Is there any way to fix the problem with the health cheat? Any time we take a hit we’re waiting ages for the health to go all the way down to the original HP. Makes battles take 10x longer than they should. And on top of that once it has been enabled once it doesn’t disable. I’ve just started the game and every battle I need to wait for it to count down from 500 to 20 before the next move. So for two moves I’m waiting for a total countdown of 960 so long as I’ve used it once. Any way it could be modified so we just don’t take the damage to begin with instead of this whole count-down thing? (First time I’ve felt the need to comment on a mod because it’s really disruptive to the experience).
Thanks for all the hard work up to now though! Don’t mean to sound ungrateful.

Hello guys, can we have a game speed hack on this game? so we can have quick battles and texts instead of waiting for it? because now im using my cheatengine to make speed hack but i cant use this program if i want speed hack so please make it happen <3 thanks a lot for the mods