Could Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel be added to Horizon?

Masks for your character were all the rage in this game back in the day. There were two Masks and one Gun that were unlocked by playing and completing the demo of the game. See this tweet from 2013 for a picture of the items in question. (EA disabled the online functionality of the demo long ago so these items are no longer obtainable via legitimate means.) The important thing to note here is that these items were already on the disc; it’s just that they would only show up in your game by finishing the demo using the same XBL profile. I really want these items.

I checked both Xbox 360 Tools and Horizon. The first two Army of Two titles are on Xbox 360 Tools, while none are on Horizon. With Xbox 360 Tools, you can only mod your cash balance for the first two games. I believe there should be a way to add Masks and/or Guns to your save file as well.

A perfect analogy here is Forza Motorsport 4. The Unicorn cars in that game were already present on the disc, you just needed to be ‘gifted’ them by the developer (Turn 10) for them to show up in your game. Using Horizon, you can add all of these Unicorn cars to your save file. I don’t see why we couldn’t do the same thing for Devil’s Cartel. The only reason FM4 is on Horizon and not this game is because the former is more popular, but it doesn’t seem like there is anything from a modding perspective that would prevent the latter game from replicating this process.

Who is the best person to contact for adding this game to Horizon? I’m willing to pay good money for this if it can be done. This seems like it would be much easier to do compared to something like FM4. I’d be happy to share my save file if that would help. I have everything else in the game unlocked.

The problem here is that the Horizon developers and save editor creators have moved onto PC game editors, or they’re simply not here anymore at all. I suppose if the right person sees this and you are willing to spend good money there always is the possibility a tool could be created to make this happen.

On to what you’re trying to do. I just looked around online and found a working download for the TDC demo. From what I’ve seen people talk about in topics it doesn’t seem like you need to be connected to Live, you just need to complete the demo and then your save will contain those unlocks and when the full game is started they should be available. BUT you’ve obviously done much more research than I have in the past 15 minutes I spent looking around so if you know for sure I’m wrong let me know.

I’m a bit out of the loop with 360 stuff as I’ve pretty much moved on for the most part. I don’t remember if all 360 demos are DRM locked. If TDC isn’t you can download it and install it and see if completing it adds the unlocks to your save. I’d give it a shot but all I have is RGH modified 360’s lying around so it will work on my consoles regardless.

If you want to download the demo and see if it will load up for you here is where I downloaded it from. I downloaded it myself and it is what it is supposed to be and can easily be added to your USB device with Horizon.



@SteveWonda is correct.

With no new games being released on Xbox 360 and with the console’s popularity declining further every day as people focus on the newer generation consoles, the development of the Horizon software has stopped. It’s just not economical anymore to spend time, skills and resources on a software for what is sadly a critically endangered console.

Unfortunately, Microsoft have made it impossible to provide similar software for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, so the majority, if not all, of the Xbox modders have either moved on to Playstation 4, moved on to PC or have packed up their modding skills for good.

Steve gives excellent alternative advice, as usual. :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the reply, SteveWonda. So as it happens, I had actually downloaded the demo back in the day but never got around to playing it (either before or after the game came out). So this past week I went into my Download History on the 360 and re-installed it. Played it all the way through twice, two days apart, to see if this would trigger the items in my game, but no dice. Even tried on a fresh account, playing the demo first before starting the game, and that didn’t work either.

My best guess is that the online functionality for the demo being disabled is to blame, because when you load up the demo you’re greeted with an error message saying you need to be signed into XBL. How this probably worked is that the items were tied to your XBL account, so as long as you were signed in on your account and connected to Live when you played the demo, you’d get a pop-up notification in the full game for these items. But since the online features of the demo were disabled years ago, the notification in the full game won’t trigger.

What I’m wondering is if I have a save file from someone who has these items, could I simply compare their file to mine and figure out a way to edit the items into my file manually? A friend of mine actually has these items in his game and he can send me his file so I can compare the two. Or does something like this require a vast knowledge of hex editing (because I do not have this)?

P.S. If you know anyone who might be willing to tackle this, PM me their contact info and I’ll reach out to them.

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Yeah, that all makes perfect sense. So at this point I have two options: (1) see if this is something I can figure out myself, by hex editing my own save file, or (2) pay someone with prior expertise in this area to take time to do it for me.

If either of you have contacts or suggestions for who might have the skill set for this request, feel free to PM me and I can reach out to them!

It sounds like you’re right about the no connection to XBL then.

I tried looking for a save with the demo bonuses but I’m not seeing anything. If you can find one you could possibly extract those from the package and add them to your save, or find a save with them that is similar to yours and sign it to your profile. I’ll do a bit more research and looking around. If I find anything useful I will post back. Good luck!

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Thanks a ton for all your help! Yeah I’d be willing to settle for another person’s save file at this point, so like you said I can resign it to my account. The ideal save would be one that has BOTH the Overkiller DLC and the demo-exclusive items. W/e else it has unlocked would be irrelevant to me since I can grind out all the other stuff. Lmk if you’re able to find a save that meets these criteria and I’d be forever grateful!

I thought of something that might work. I noticed a post in that tweet from April 24 2013 about the unlocks not showing up in game. The full game came out on March 26 2013. It could be that you had to complete the demo before the full game came out. Possibly try backing up your main save and deleting it from your console’s storage device and then complete the demo after changing the date on your console to something between March 16th-25th 2013. I know it’s prob a long shot, but who knows it might just work.

-EDIT- Maybe try first with your save present to see if it adds the unlocks to it. If it doesn’t then try with it not present to see if they show up when you start a new game.

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