Could I be banned for running WeMod in the background?

Hello, I’m kinda worried here and I might be over reacting, but I went to play the Halo: MCC on steam with WeMod, I launched it with EAC disabled as it says to, but when I realized I wasn’t getting achievements for it I decided to play it normal, so I launched Halo with EAC enabled, but the WeMod launcher was still running in the background (Not actually running any cheats, was ready to play it completely normally, just had the app open in general), and I’m worried EAC will have detected this and will ban me, simply because if I go to run CoD:MW with WeMod open in the background it refuses to launch the game, so what’s stopping EAC from detecting WeMod too?

(I’d like to add, Idk if this matters, but I did load into my singleplayer game, only to see if the achievements would pop, they didn’t, so I instantly closed the game and then saw WeMod was still open)

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As long as you did not attempt to access an online / multiplayer game mode while the cheats were injected into the game (the “Play” button said “Playing”), then you’ll be fine.
WeMod can run in the background of your PC while you’re playing and, as long as cheats aren’t injected, there should be no issue.

Games do not scan what’s running in the background of your PC. That would be an invasion of your privacy and would make the game a form of spyware.

Note: The title of your thread was a little misleading and could cause unecessary “panic”, so I changed it a bit. :slight_smile:


I’ve just been banned on modern warfare because wemod was in my tray from another game earlier in the day.

Tried to launch the game and it closed twice on the menu.
Realised wemod was open and closed it.
Launched the game again and no crash. Didn’t play any matches checked my loadouts etc and closed the game.
I’m now banned and trying to appeal to blizzard.

So this post is innacutate online games can and will detect wemod. Even without being in use. Make sure you close the app before you game on anything with mutiplayer!

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Back when i used to use individual trainers, if i didn’t close them before going in to a Match of CS:GO the Game would Boot me from the current match as it’s detected and seen Something, But it would never result in a ban.

WeMod doesn’t run like a single trainer does, When you close a Game the trainer closes automatically. and the software just go back to being nothing but an application running in the background.

This happens to me almost everytime i play the game, i takes a couple of attempts to even launch. This is a problem well known to the BattleNet Community.

If this is the case you seem to be the only person this has happen to, I have Wemod running in the background 100% of the time, It’s never closed. and i’ve not been banned.

you either got REALLY unlucky, or you got banned for another reason.

There has been massive amounts of people being wrongfully banned for months now.
if you Google this you will see it’s been happening. In the last few weeks they have stopped banning people in Warzone and just making it so that Cheaters play with Cheaters. So you won’t actually know if you get shadow banned.

Best not to point fingers before you find out what actually banned you.

Here is the direct link to what gets you banned.
They also state that only if someone gets reported for cheating it’s investigators look in to it.


No. You were likely banned because you attempted to use cheats online or had cheats injected into your RAM (whether for CoD:MW or another game). Once WeMod de-injects from your PC’s RAM then it’s just a random, everyday piece of software, no more detectable as cheat software than Microsoft Paint is.

The only way you could have been detected is if you attempted to use a trainer on the game or the trainer was still injecting cheats into your RAM.

We do not have any trainers for the CoD:MW franchise for Blizzard Launcher.
About 9 out of 10 Blizzard games are completely or partially server-sided, so trainers are not possible for them. Because they have a lot of server-sided elements it is to be expected that you’ll be auto-banned by a bot if you try to use a trainer (ie, a trainer designed to be used on Steam rather than Blizzard) on most of their games.

Blizzard is well-known for being a badly-designed launcher. Games launched from Blizzard Launcher often experience launching issues leading to crashes. Blizzard is a very unpopular launcher and this issue is one of the reasons why. A quick Google search will educate you on this.

Yes, they will. If you attempt to use WeMod online.
They will not, however, detect WeMod if it is not injecting cheats into the game.

In all my years of using trainers and leaving them running in the background un-injected, I’ve never been banned. Your ban is simply the result of carelessness, I’m afraid.

I wish you the best of luck resolving your issue with Blizzard. But your ban was not the result of WeMod sitting in the background doing nothing - that makes very little sense. :slight_smile: