CPU usage while idle

In-game with many cheats running, maybe I’d find it reasonable but while idle, this program uses way too much CPU to be trusted.

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Sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue.
Did you consider and go through a checklist of user-sided hardware issues that also cause high CPU in programs, such as outdated drivers, having a low power plan set up, and so on? With so many causes of high CPU, it’s unreasonable to point the finger right away at the program that appears to be using said CPU. :slight_smile:

Here you go: How to Fix High CPU Usage - Intel.

WeMod (while doing nothing at all) uses as much CPU as chrome with 18 subprocesses and 6 tabs open including Sling actively streaming on a 4k monitor. There’s no circumstance where that makes sense at all.

I do not have any outdated drivers according to Intel’s own driver updater as well as a separate program that scans all installed drivers and it is not a power plan problem.

I’m hardly the first to call this out, it is a real problem that needs to be looked at.

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Frank has looked into it a couple of times but without being able to recreate the issue it is extremely hard to resolve the issue.


Yeah I am having the same issue, my CPU usage jumps up just by opening the WeMod client (goes from 2% to 22% usage, maxes out the clock speed of all 8 of my cores).

In my case it’s the GUI, as soon as I minimize it to tray the CPU(13%) and GPU(46%) usages drops to normal behavior. If I restore the GUI the high consumption starts again. Luckily when playing games it causes me no issues.

The PC is i7-8700K 32GB RAM and GPU GTX 1080 something and Win 10.

I’ve tried in different hardware and also when I have reinstalled Win10 and the behaviour is always the same.

TL;DR = minimize it to tray if you are not using it.

This is not a great response. If a process is USING HIGH CPU - the process is the culprit. virtually every time
Any other case would be very rare.

If an “idle” program is chugging CPU, then it is misbehaving 99.9% of the time.

Apologies, Ravenfyre - I don’t really mean to criticize you, but - I’ve been dealing with EA cust. support of late… still, it really is not a stretch to look at the program that is spinning cycles… there are few cases, for sure, in which a process gets cpu-bound but in which it is not doing something untoward (heh… untoward… it ought to be doing differently).

Seriously, no offense intended.

btw - I’m not just doing necro here - I’ve encountered an odd problem near identical to this, with WeMod. After exiting a game completely - five minutes or more later, WeMod is using 10% cpu. No hardware issues whatsoever. The game has completely shutdown, properly. WeMod just seems to “stay busy” long after I’ve stopped playing. This is recurring too. Perhaps I need to post a new event though.


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I agree. I deleted it even though they charged me $69.00 for the PRO edition. I trusted FLING more when he was on his own. Now several modders are under one banner. Who’s to say what entity is heading it up? No reason why resources should spike while program is closed, unless there is spying going on.

Not good response. Most people are computer literate.

Correct…and it can damage system due to overheating. Especially on a gaming laptop without adequate ventilation.

Developers must make wemod more faster and liter for pc so that it consume less cpu and memory and gpu process. I was playing outward definitive edition but game lag due to wemod.

I have been seeing similar behavior…

Running: i9-14900K | Corsair AiO cooling | RTX 4080 OC | 64GB DDR5

I first noticed while I had WeMod open my fans were spinning up and my CPU temp was about 85C. I got concerned trying to figure out what was causing this.

Figured out that if I had the WeMod client open, my CPU temps and usage would spike. Minimize WeMod to the tray (didn’t quit), and they immediately dropped back down to about 42C.

I thought I’d see what happens when I open & close back to the tray a few times - definitely the issue! Every time I had the client up - temps, fan speeds, and usage skyrocketed. Minimize, and it all calmed down… Every time.

So, it seems it can run minimized to the tray with no issues. Bring up the interface, and things go sideways. And this is without a game running and minimal ‘other’ processes - pretty much idle besides WeMod.

So, what the heck is it doing when the interface is active??

Any solution to this problem?