CROWN /Tenure/ Xbox live years modding?

Hey guys , how can i mod tenure / crown so it will sync and stick , everytime i try , it resets some time later , anybody knows how is it done so it will stay ?

Stay away from that unless you want to get banned.

I think it doesnt bans anymore , but anyways , is just for a friend , he takes all risks , can you tell me the steps to do so it sticks on profile

No idea, never bothered with it. Almost everyone have moved on so you will probably not get the answer you are looking for.

Edit: Looking at past posts it shouldn’t be this difficult. You are either doing something wrong or microsoft have decided to prevent crown modding.

Do you know somebody who already did this and succeed?

Not personally but reading some of the old post it seems like people got it working (some of them also said they got banned for it).

I suggest using the forum search function and see for yourself, that is pretty much all I can do anyway.

@SteveWonda do you happen to know anything about crown modding?

It was definitely possible in the past, not sure if it still is. But is was pretty much a definite ban, lifetime if I recall. I never tried and didn’t see a reason to. I advise to not bother trying, but to each his own. Different strokes for different folks.

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Hey whatsup guys. I remember back in the day maybe back when mw3 was out, my cousin and i modded our tenure when it was possible. we said fk it and modded it to 10 years. Bam we connected the usb, signed in to our profiles and there it was. 10 year crown. Gold Profile. It looked badass. … Sadly the next day after i got home from school ( we was in middle school). Turned on my console and was hella excited to play Modern warfare 3. The xbox did not connect to the internet as the profile said signed in, And not signed in to xbox live. I tried signing in to xbox live and a message popped up saying ( You have been suspened from Xbox live. You will not be able to sign in to xbox live until 12/31/9999. My account was banned ;(