Crusader Kings II Cheats and Trainer for Steam

achievments disabled, I didn’t click the spacebar or anything

The achievments tracker of this game is really messed, even when you get them the legit way :stuck_out_tongue: .
Just so we can better understand, are you sure your game is on ironman?

yes, my game has activated ironman

Is there a way to use this trainer for the x32 version of the game? It isn’t working for me.

im see now and the games is not compatible now

Hi, is it possible to have a cheat to set everybody’s opinion of you always at 100? Thank You

Please add personal combat skill increase to super stats

I have 2 requests for this.

  1. Could you increase the amount that unlimited wealth, piety, and prestige default to? they are pretty low for some of the more expensive things in the game, and it would be nice if they were raided to 100K or something.

  2. could you add fast construction for wonders? or a button to instantly finish a stage/upgrade on a wonder? because currently fast construction doesn’t effect wonders at all