Crusader Kings III Cheats and Trainer for Steam

HAH - I just went to create a test character/ruler and I loaded him up with everything positive and jacked all the stats up to 100. (NOTE: Stat level 68 and 70 say ‘Excellent’ but 69 ‘Nice’. HAH) and when I saved and started a game Achievements were enabled, without me having to do anything. So, maybe once you go well above a certain points value, it breaks their test to see if Achievements should be enabled or something.

Maybe I’ll try later and make a more reasonable but still exceeding 400 points leader and see.

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Nope, no mods, clean game.

if you want cheat with the traits you should go to ruler you created and saved and just add bunch unloyalty traits till you have enough negative points and then add what you want on creation will appear a lot unloyalty but don’t worry soon you start playing all of that will disappear and become just one.

For some reason now, you have to launch CK3 in Steam before pressing “Play” on WeMod. I have tested this with other games and they work fine. So, I’m not sure what is going on.

Any chance of a new update that will make it so enabling console commands that won’t turn off achievements?

Unlikely. Its hardcoded

When I open the game everything goes fine, but when I try to activate the Wemod cheats the game closes and I get a notification in Wemod. In the notification it says that I have to place an exception in my antivirus. I did it, I think, but it keeps closing the game. I don’t understand why. I need some help. This just happened today. Yesterday everything was fine.

game has been update with a new DLC so hoping to get an update here too

1.- It will be nice to have a way for increasing the perks available by lifestyle…
2.- Also, a key to modify/reducer stress will be nice
Those two are the most important in need to make the whole MOD perfect.


For the leveled traits you can use the console command, there is a guide on reddit How to Add Trait EXP for Leveled Traits such as Hastiluder or Blademaster

For the stress one you can open the console and use -
set_stress 0

I keep looking here but don’t see anything about this: WEMod just says “Loading mods…” and never really stops. For me this makes WM unusable. Any ideas? No antivirus issues, WM works on other games.

It would be nice to have a way to gain lifestyle xp and reduce stress. It would also be nice for holds to have a way to increase development just like how there’s one for control.

This sucks, only update but the console commands turn off achievements. Do you work.

Anytime the debug console is turned on, or anytime a console command is run it automatically disables achievements. Not just for WeMod, but for any cheat out there. Please allow me to repeat myself: {{effect activate_console=disable_achievements=true} [player name] delete_title={true} new_title=“the_cheater”}