Crush Crush Cheats and Trainer for Steam

here me out, instant, dates.

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you get that from the paid character catara @Hakkerskaldyri

the instant jobs cheat isn’t working for some reason, unless it just doesn’t affect the grave digger job from the charlotte bundle.

The instant jobs cheat works for me on the grave digger job, but I haven’t tried it after a hard reset as I do not want to lose everything I bought with diamonds.

Is it possible to have an option to add diamonds or add money? I’m not too sure about the add diamonds option though, it would be technically illegal.

As @Ravenfyre said back in March to my own comment, unlimited diamonds legally cannot happen.

@Wub-Wolf. As already stated many times in this thread, attempting to cheat diamonds will get you banned from the game, because you are committing criminal offence called theft. WeMod does not condone criminal acts at all, especially not stealing revenue from game developers.

Please refrain from giving people terrible “advice” and read properly before posting.

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Okay, sorry :x

It works great! the phone cooldowns and instant hobbies work fantastically!

Though one major issue is that the job Skip doesn’t work, or atleast not nearly as fast as it needs to. You don’t get promoted in jobs fast enough, and still takes forever.

That’s because the jobs are hard coded to take forever and it would likely require a hack to change that, which is illegal. The “legitimate” way takes maxing the multiplier for soft resetting and then you can boost it further if you use diamonds to boost the other multiplier. However, it will still take a long time.

dont get me wrong but i understand that the inf diamond thing is theft and what not but sense theres a way to get them in game without money cant you buff it and why in the walking zombie 2 you can get inf gold when u can buy it to?

No, because you will be reset or even possibly banned from the game for cheating diamonds in any way.

Every game has its own policies. It’s a long and complicated legal matter that just isn’t worth playing around with. If you’re not happy about not being able to cheat diamonds without being reset or banned, then you’ll need to complain to the game developers who put that policy in place. There’s nothing WeMod can do.

I was wondering if you could add some sort of cheat the makes dates finish instantly.

Can you make 2 cheats one where you have unlimited diamonds and one where your jobs level up to highest level automatically please.

nvm I just read the last thread.

New Cheats You Could Add:

Add Achievement (Choose)
Infinite Money
Add Time Blocks (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5)
Remove Time Blocks (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5) - For those who want to subtract any time blocks because they might’ve added some to speed things up, but want to keep it legitimate for the rest of the time

I don’t know if Add Achievement would give you the in-game rewards, but it does work for Payday 2, however the there aren’t Steam achievements for every in-game achievement, so something else will have to be done

Got some more:

Instant Daily Challenges - Skips and diamonds are instantly acquired, however you still have to wait for new ones to show up (Or at least only wait for a new diamond to show up - to not break the law)

Instant Job Leveling - Jobs instantly level up

Custom Affection Multiplier (1x - 2x - 3x - 4x - 5x - 10x - 15x - 20x - 30x - 50x - 100x) - Multiplies the affection acquired through either waiting or clicking

Instant Dates - Date requirements instantly finish (For example: When completing the Movie Theater dates for Eva, you only have to do 1, despite there being 100)

Instant Lover (Choose) - Choose a girl to instantly hit Lover level, you have to choose which one in case you want to reach Lover legitimately with any other girls

Instant job and instant hobby are aren’t working anymore, they immediately turn off when I try to turn them on.
Please fix this.

The Crush Crush cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements