Crysis 2 Trainer

I’ve got the Origin version, if that makes a difference.

Possible entries:

Infinite Energy
Infinite Ammo/No Reload
Infinite Grenades
Add Alien DNA/Increase Nano Suit Abilities
No Recoil

Working on it now!

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Will this work for the maximum edition as well?

Someone’s already added one to Infinity. Not sure if it was @unknown_v2 or not, though. I’ve got the Maximum Edition, and so far it works. I have the Origin version, which technically isn’t compatible because the trainer is for the Steam version, and it still works. So whoever made the trainer did a really good job on it.

There is a downside to the Invincible entry, though. If you are in a vehicle, or fall from too far a height, you’ll still die. I’m certain that this is due to the game mechanics, and not the trainer itself. Also, if you are using the Cloak power and fire a non-silenced weapon, it’ll drain all your energy. Simply wait a second and reactivate the power, and you’ll get full and unlimited energy again.

The Nano Catalyst option doesn’t work for me. I activate it and I’m still at 300. Is it supposed to make it so the number won’t go down if I add a power, or does it add unlimited points? I can’t test it myself, if it’s the former, because I don’t have enough to try unlocking a new power.

Also, Grenades/C4 aren’t classified as Ammo, so they are not unlimited like bullets are. You’ll still run out of them. Can someone add an “Unlimited Grenades” option to the trainer?

As for everything else, it all works. Unlimited ammo, invincible (minus what I listed above), no weapon limit, no recoil, unlimited energy… Great trainer so far.

Yes, I will add that option. I will look into the energy problem, but for nano catalyst, it will give you unlimited if you enable the option and then kill an alien and pick some up.

Trainer here: Crysis 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Also, yes it works for the Maximum Edition. That is the one I made the tool using.

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Awesome, thank you. And thank you for clarifying the Catalyst info. I’m in an area with only human enemies, right now. So I wasn’t able to test it myself.

As for the energy issue, I’m fairly certain that it is a game mechanic, much like death when falling or a vehicle explosion. Both of which I think are internally scripted in the engine. Unless you can alter the instant death scenarios or the way each individual power works, I think it’s going to have to stay as-is. Which really isn’t all that big of a deal, considering how well everything works so far.

So many trainers out there are buggy, or crash a game when loading a new area, or stop working altogether when loading a new area. You’ve done a great job here, with this one. Kudos, mate.