Crysis 3 Missing required File ssleay32.dll

Hello i have an authentic copy of Crysis 3 from origin which is installed on my D Drive and wemod is on C Drive, have been getting this error message when i press play for Crysis 3 “ssleay32.ddl” and ther game does not open. Even tried starting the game on level 1 (game intro) and then starting wemods and pressing play which also did not work. A fix for this.

PC specs
whindows 10 pro x64
i9-9900kf 3.6Ghz
RTX 2080ti 11gb
32gb ram
2tb Storage.

This is a problem that sometimes plagues games published by EA, it is not caused by WeMod. It occurs for a few of their games but mostly the Mass Effect and Crysis series. Though it’s been happening for years and they still haven’t bothered fixing it.

  1. Open Origin
  2. Go to the Library
  3. Find Crysis 3, right-click it
  4. Choose “show game details”

If your product code field in this info is blank or missing, that’s the cause of your issue. For some reason some of EA’s games are sold (in error) without product codes when they should be, triggering an ssleay32.dll error.

What you’ll need to do is contact EA support via live browser chat ( Tell them the product code is missing. They’ll tell you to exit Origin while they log into and tweak your account from their end. You’ll then be given a link to a code that you’ll be able to manually enter for Crysis 3.

Even if you do see a product code, contact EA, it’s still something triggered on their end (ie the code might be invalid).

Hey Ravenfyre ! I think You are wrong. It isn’t a game problem but the problem lies in WeMod. the point is that every time i try to start a game by WeMod i have errors like misiing .dll files or others, but I can easily start these games from origin launcher and the fact is that no files are missing. I’ve got the same problem with many games on steam. Solution? Maybe check the code of WeMod or simply start the game You want to play by Steam/Origin etc. then Alt+Tab and push play on WeMod.

No, it’s an EA problem. It occurs to people who don’t even use WeMod. You just need to do a very quick 5 second Google search to see this is the case. You’ll find dozens of threads on EAs forums or Reddit complaining of the issue occurring in a lot of EA’s games. Nothing to do with WeMod at all. :slight_smile: