CS GO Ranks?

Was wondering how many people play csgo on xmb. Posting stats from leagues are cool also.

Personally I keep going from LEM back to Supreme so hitting Global is the dream.

I really dislike the game… So I’m not one that plays it.

I think I am pretty good. Trolls and AFK’ers keep making me derank though, it sucks

[details=Open Me]:^)

[details=Open Me]Secret inventory pls no look
I started playing about 4 months ago and I have already stopped playing competitive. I don’t have the time to commit to improve much more. Maybe once I manage school work more efficiently I will go back and shoot for LEM.


I see dat howl, Marble? Karambit and a Glock Fade, FN?

uh idk

I play but not serious enough to care about my rank. I keep going between DMG and LE since I just play MM without knowing anyone.

lets play later then

I used to play but I don’t really like playing it that much so my rank is effectively zero. For competitive games, LoL is all I need.

LEM. I thought you just play CEVO/ESEA though.

want to play later

CEVO, not so much ESEA. **** ESEA.

I thought I should give an update so that I am not a liar.
These darn trolls have now dragged me down to Silver 4. I am scared I may hit Silver 1 soon…

I’m global don’t mm much. Play ESEA mainly. Hit me up to play though!

Nice. I had a Ruby M9 for awhile. Probably one of my favorite knives ever. It was just too expensive, so I downgraded.

add me on the steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/01100011011011110111001001101110/


just leveled up to level aimbot

lmao have u finally had enough of MGE

mge forever, dmg for 2 games, back to mge. To hell with this game

How long till I have to find your new steam