Anyone play CS:GO? I’ve been playing for a couple months and am down to find some more people to play with.

I just ranked up to an LE but I should probably be closer to DMG.
69 wins hehe

I’ve been trying to play with you for what seems like years.

He blows don’t play with him. I rekt’d him in a casual match.

I will play if you want though. Pav would probably play also and carry us both.

I’ll play whenever (you know that),

and i’m better than you all.

I will drill you into the ground chris

You also cheat so I don’t doubt it.

No i’ve played with Travis, I didn’t cheat.

I’ll top frag every game don’t worry

If there was any reason for me to cheat, it would be to prevent you from top fragging.

Play with me babe. PM me for my steam link and ill cry

We can play if you wanna carry my brain dead ass at the moment. I have like no focus. Too ****ed up on pain killers.