Cult of the Lamb Cheats and Trainer for Steam

You’re not the only one. I even launched Cult of the Lamb through WeMod earlier, as soon as I turn the mods on and alt-tab back to the game, instant crash. Trainer needs to be updated, stat.

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NONE of the cheats work, except for Unlimited Health and Unlimited Spell Power. Activating anything else crashes the game.

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Well after spending 13 hours to unlock most of the achievements, I got locked out of getting the last one that I needed. I don’t know what cheat did it, but something locked me from getting any of the fleece and turning off the cheats doesn’t fix it. Thanks.

Tried cheats on latest version of game. All cheats seem to work fine bar f7(free construction). If you use it and then turn it off, it still carries over to any new save files you create even if you have it off.

Restart to get rid of it