Cuphead Mods help

I bought Cuphead on the Windows 10 store and would like to use Infinity to mod it. I have tried many ways to open the game through Infinity, I would like to use Cuphead mods already made by STN. There seems to be a permission issue, if you could help I would gladly appreciate it.

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Can you send me your game’s folder name and the exe ?

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\StudioMDHR.20872A364DAA1_1.0.7.2_x64__tm1s6a95559gt

The .exe is called Cuphead

Test it now, it should recognize the game install now.

this works but cheats are not working.

@lying_cake is right, I can run the game but the cheats don’t work. @STN

@Chris don’t need two threads for cuphead do we ?
Ok this is something different sorry

Okay so the windows store version needs a separate trainer.

no worries :slight_smile: