Currency? Gold?

what are the W gold coins for i cant seem to use them at all?


These are WePoints. You earn them by completing objectives in your WeMod dashboard, such as using a game with WeMod once every 24 hours. Having a Pro subscription increases the WePoints earned by 50%.

WePoints are used to vote on trainers to be made or updated by converting them into vote tokens. The more votes a trainer has, the higher up the development queue it climbs.
These two links should help further explain that:

i don’t have access to use the wepoints at all and never have though

Everyone has access to their own WePoints and can use them for requesting trainers or updates immediately, as soon as they have enough. :slight_smile:

  1. Search for the trainer that you want to be developed or updated in the WeMod desktop app.
    Select the search result.
    Select the correct platform/store, shown in yellow in the image below.

  2. If the trainer is requestable, there will be a purple vote button. Hover your mouse over this.
    Select an amount of vote tokens to spend. Shown in green in the image below.

  1. If you do not have enough vote tokens or want more, click the “Get More” button on the right and then select how many WePoints you want to convert into vote tokens. Shown in red in the image below.

This doesnt accept wepoints it goes immediatley to asking for a credit card

When you click on HUB, to your left side is 2 icons. One is WePoints (Yellow icon On Top) the other is WeTokens (Pink icon on the Bottom). when you click on add more for the Yellow icon it will ask for a credit card, but clicking on the Pink icon to add more tokens from the points you have saved up.