Custom Gamerpic

Could someone possibly make me a custom Xbox 360 Gamerpic of the COD: Black Ops 3 Logo? Im not good with the gamerpic tool in Horizon. Help please :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that you would be the only person that could see the gamer pic you create. Someone with more knowledge will chime in.

No you’re correct, there is or was a method that could allow users to create their own gamer picture, but you’d be the only person to see it so there isn’t much of a point. Plus, in time I’m sure we’ll see a picture packed released with official Black Ops: 3 pictures for players to use.

…just give it time because the game did just get announced/shared.

No, You can make other people see it you need an Xbox Live Vision camera though.

That method was patched long ago.

ya, it was sadly, you used to be able to do this and only your friends could see, but as Chris said, it was patched. You can still make your own and use it, though, you and only you (on the console) can see it. So there is really no point. Not to mention it bugs out and goes blank sometimes.