Custom Xbox 360 Slim Vault Case

After a day of the Vault case, I have already got sick of it, time to start some work on the case, still thinking of a theme or design. I bought another Urban Blue Vault and the Battlefield 3 Edition also.

Dremel Time

Sanded back the holes with the dremel, helps with the filler something to adhere to

The stand is slightly raised up because of the rubber pads underneath. Just enough of a gap to install some LED’s inside the feet for a glowing stand. These should be powered by a USB port so no need to open your Xbox for a power source, I want this case to be able to be attached to anyone’s Xbox 360 Console.

Filler over the holes, will sand back and then apply another thin layer. As always less is more, you do not want to be sanding filler all day.

Base in primer, the small holes / indents above each foot, I will fill these as it does not fit with the rest of the design.

Looks good.

Lets see how this turns out.

Wow you and your projects seem to be getting better and better. You should ask Cheater or an Admin if you can make an official case modding shop. That would be amazing and im sure some people would buy from you :smile:

I’m pretty sure he only does this in his spare time and when he is not working.
Quite a time consuming project I guess

Not really interested in a case modding shop, I like just doing this in my spare time no rush.


looks pretty good so far

Not happy with it, luckily I bought a few of these cases on sale the other day, I will use the other blue one, just not yet. Re did the holes a lot neater this time. More work behind the back instead of the front.

Ran out of primer

Filled out these small indents

Ya that does look a lot neater! I bet its gonna look sick

this looks amazing.

A true artist at work here, not for the money, just for passion. The reason all the console mods I have seen from ozzylow are all amazing I am sure. I never liked the vault cases, they look to bulky, I know ozzylow will make it look awesome though.

Molded the controller holder where I wanted it.

More work on the other holes

Going to go with a Desert Camo ( Desert Storm ) themed design.

Base / Stand

First Light Coat on the Side

New paint I have been using. Australian based company but made in China. Great coverage, huge range of colours but some of the most toxic paint I have ever used. I have stopped because I can’t find a mask around the house ill have to wait till tomorrow to continue.


That Camo will look cool on it man, good job :smile:.

More progress coming along.

Matching controller for the case, ill try and blend the camo pattern with the holder

I use 3M tape, don’t bother with the cheap stuff honestly worth spending the extra money

Lighter color over the top

I have no patience, I always take the tape off early


Base coat on the other side

Its starting to look pretty sick, Ive used Ironlak on one of my cases before i love the smell of it haha, Im from New Zealand i use it for Graffiti quite abit, Its very good stuff

Looks amazing!

great finish aswel.

Still working along with the camo

This case looks amazing!