Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

Does the current Fling trainer also work for Phantom Liberty?

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Yes, the trainer works with the newest update.

I do have Problems with Gameplay during Phantom Liberty DLC

Chimera can’t be destroyed, cause it’s Health doesn’t decrease - so The option to open the top flap is not coming up for Chimera. So this mission can’t be completed and I have to quit the game completely. In fact I can’t continue playing Phantom Liverty.

Is it just a Bug, or is there a Suggestion for me what Cheats shouldn’t be activated to complete the mission?

THX 4 helping

I am stuck at this level too.
WEMOD needs to fix this bug.
I can’t go on without completely destroying Chimera.

Disable unlimited health. It apparently shares an instruction with player health which causes it to also have unlimited health.

Done that. Same results.