Damaged GPU port on motherboard

I picked up a computer yesterday with a broken/damaged GPU port (see picture above). Do anyone know how I could repair it? I’m going to take it apart later today and see if I can replace the motherboard but I would rather not have to do that.

Buy a new motherboard. Aint much you can do withy that i beleive.

Then I would have to buy an identical one since the case can’t possibly be compatible with after market motherboards due to it’s weird design.

And when I said I “picked it up”, I literally just picked it up and walked away. I don’t think I would make any profit if I buy a new motherboard since it’s a trash xp build missing ram, hdd, gpu and cd rom.

Wouldnt say its worth to do anything with this one.
If you are desperate after money, try to sell the PSU and the cabinet.

You could buy a new one then unsolder that one and solder the new one on.

Yes, but wouldn’t that require one of those desoldering heat gun stations? I can’t afford one of those at the moment.

Anyway, I have spent a few hours on this computer now and I keep finding problems. Looks like I will need to scrap everything for parts. Sorry for wasting every one’s time.

No all you need is a soldering iron and desoldering wick. I use to take stuff off of MOBO all the time when I was into PC modding.

Wouldn’t even need a wick sometimes you can touch and pull away a little fast and the solder sticks to the iron.

That is not a reliable method. You need to remove all the old solder and replace it when doing something like that. And with 168 pins it would take forever.

That’s good to know. I have always had problems with desoldering parts with a lot of pins that way but that might just be due to a cheap soldering iron and impatience.

Well the more pins the more difficult if you can’t remove the solder. If the pins are close enough together normally you can bridge them with some solder and remove the component that way but other than that you need to be able to heat all pins at the same time.

I do use desoldering wicks (and solder suckers). Tried without things like that when I first started with this hobby but it didn’t work properly (solder cools down too fast).

I use to do it all the time when I was repairing computers. Just something you get good at after awhile.