Damaged save file

i recently tried modding my GTA:IV save file and i rehashed and resigned it and everything. When i go to load it it says that it is damaged or coruppted in game and starts a new game.

Have you tried deleting your account and recovering it? Usually solves it.

If that doesnt work, then unlucky for not making a backup save…

It’s a gamesave, not a profile, so it cannot be recovered. Open the savegame in Horizon, and make sure “Safe Mode” is enabled, then mod, save, rehash and resign. Then try loading it. Post your results back!

I tried your suggestion and it still says that “The save game data file appears to be damaged and cannot be loaded”

You don’t rehash the save yourself, you just mod, then put on your HDD. You mess up the Checksum when you rehash with just Horizon…

Umm…New gamesave maybe?

so what you are saying is that i have to rehash and resign with another program to make it work?

If you aren’t pressing the save button after you’re done, it’s going to show up as corrupt since GTA IV uses a checksum to verify data.

i am pressing the save button. it dosen’t work

i think i got this fixed up

ok so i was wrong. what i did was i ran it through my normal programs i use on borderlands. i used a hash block calculator and rehashed and resigned with modio but this seems to have erased the mods that or they are just not working.

ifixed it i figured the prob out i think

It’s not hard, what you do is put in mods, then press save. Done! No Rehashing or Resigning needed. Just put in your HDD without doing anything else.

If you started a new save then you have to play for a little bit before modding. I had to do this a long time ago.

thank you .
my problem was i had auto save on and i had like three saves for one game. so it didn’t match up. i turned off auto save modded put back and it worked

Glad you got everything resolved.