Damaged save?

Hi. Trying to help out my daughter with xbox360 minecraft maps. At first I had the flash drive not reading, but after downloading the latest Horizon that problem was fixed. Now am able to see her profile (after it was moved from xbox). I downloaded a few maps from different locations. I followed a few Youtube vids since they vary by a step or two. That didn’t work, damaged save. Moved one of here saved maps (she made) to the flash drive. Copied all the IDs from that save to one of the download maps on her profile. I hit the “save/rehash/resign” but every time I get damaged save on the xbox. Any ideas? I couldn’t find a fix through Google.

BTW… in Horizon, in the save/rehash/resign screen I don’t see a ‘save to device’ button like I see on some videos. I have closed Horizon and restarted, all the IDs #s seem to have saved.

Thanks for any help/ideas!!!

Double check that all the IDs are in fact now changed to hers. Then do Save, Rehash & Resign 2 or 3 times, sometimes once doesn’t work for some odd reason. I do it this way for my son when he wants new maps and it always works. You will see the Save to Device button above the contents tab, but only if it’s a save you downloaded and do not have on your device already.

Thanks, I’ll give it try when home. Just to make sure… When I drag her saved map to the horizon window, then drag the downloaded map to horizon after I injected it and have them side by side…I am coping the IDs from her saved map to the downloaded one. Do I need to have her ‘profile’ in the horizon window instead of her saved map? Make sense? I think I tried her profile IDs once but it gave me an error.

You don’t need to inject anything. Drag the downloaded map into the open area of Horizon, open one of her own saves, have them side by side, copy the 3 IDs from her save over to the downloaded map, use Save, Rehash & Resign at least 2 times, and then use the Save to Device feature and select your device. It should work perfectly, I do it this same way many times a week. Good luck.

THANKS! Seems to have done the trick (also turned off uam setting). Maybe it was the Rehash a few times. My daughter thanks you too!

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Well, what is your issue? If it’s the same as the original post in this thread then try what I suggested in posts above. If not, then start your own thread in the appropriate forum section.