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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Normally you have to try it online one time then when the trainer is downloaded it shold work offline.

Does it work okey when you are online?


It works in online mode aswell! i have this problem too then i activate something other like unlimited consumables and disable it then the others like unlimited health will work properly. It also works if u just run a little around and wait then it will reactivate itself ^^ hope i could help u guys :slight_smile:


Hey! thanks for the trainer and for all of your hard work but whenever I play the game and i use unlimited health, focus points, stamina, durability, zero weight, and never cursed my game crashes after about a couple of minutes is it because i have all of those cheats active?


Nah, game’s anticheat. I will take a look soon


Is there anyway this cheat can be used online


Even if you could get them to work you would probably be banned. Infinity is intended for offline modes and we will not help you with using it for online modes.


The game has some lag with the trainer activated, also unlimited hp and stamina disable sometimes.


Disable your antivirus.


Did you get a solution for this?


Ok thank you!


I am having the issue with unlimited consumables. I turn this on for an item then quickly turn it off but the game crashes and then corrupts my graphics driver. Do start the game in offline mode and same issue. Any help would be appreciated.


So im using unlimited health, focus points, stamina and never cursed and it keeps cutting out, sometimes it comes back after a few seconds but sometimes i have to alt-tab out of the game to turn it off then back on then it still takes a few seconds to come back. I am running infinity as admin now but that still dosen’t help. This always happens at the worst time can anyone help me


The Zero Weight cheat keeps dissabling it self when i try turn it on and isnt working


So if you mod your stats offline, then go online, do you think you can still get caught for cheating?


Can happen.


what about unlimited stamina, zero weight, or 100% percent drop do you think you can get banned for using it online?


I cannot seem to level up my characters using infinity mod is that normal?


If I use just unlimited health and stamina, I won’t get banned at all? I’ve been looking through comments and forums for an answer, but always came up short.


We can’t answer that. No one can. Don’t use anything online and you should be fine.


You will get banned if you use this trainer online.