Dark souls editor

Myself and a lot of other people wouldn’t mind seeing a dark souls save editor.

some thing that gives max souls, humanity, max stats , and max hp,
I also heard on 360 haven that you are also able to add or change stuff in your inventory also when u hex edit your save it will corrupt wouldn’t mind knowing how to fix that to.

P.s- if you need the game and don’t got the cash to get it, I would be wiling to send my copy up to you so you could make the editor, but would like ot have it sent back. :smiley:
-inforsir :sunglasses:

-Game Title Id-4E4D083A

This save is a level 4 with 99999999 souls and 99 humanity with stats max out it also corrupts after a while(basically the user_data disappears after a long time of playing or it its gone when u reload the save after quiting.
-download- http://www.mediafire.com/?sud3pkhemocv7dx

-Save 2-
This Save has a level 3 with 1500 souls on it don’t know much more about it just randomly got it of 360 haven.
-Download- http://www.mediafire.com/?eyw31zcjac4dcwp

-Hex Editor book marker for the values- http://www.mediafire.com/?v610b1qsljth15d
-Credits to the guys from 360 haven

i vote for this also im using the 360 haven build and while it works im pretty sure horizon can get us like an inventory editor or even a weapon/armor stat builder :3 drools

i dont think there are any (so far) but ill look around for you

another site has a form of program for leveling up but it seems to continuously keep running into problems even the updated version had problems pretty sure cheater and the other horizon members can make a more stable tool that everyone can use with little to no complications… or so i hope lol