Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Okay, Thank you guys for the info, if there’s a sale i’ll just buy it.

It’s on sale here for 14 euro instead of 20 euro. Cheaper than that I don’t think you’ll get it as the latest sale for DS1 was in december 2016 and it was 11 euro.

So for some reason every time I try to load dark souls from infinity it gives me a error message that I need to turn of my firewall and Spyware and when I do that it still doesn’t work do you know anything that could be done to help?

What is the error code?

The error code is 9

To make it short for you, use this: - ICDV2.bat -

Hey STN, I am a large user of your work, and I wanted to ask, is there anyway you can make a stronger God mode as you can still die if you take a certain amount of damage, or a One Hit Kill Feature, thanks

What about providing seperated versions of the trainer, one for the Steam version, one for Standalone/Patched version in case the Infinity Framework can not handle it otherwise?

It would be possible in future i think, frank can tell more

@audiopathik I think with the new update to wemod mite be able to play different versions coming soon I think

So I am having an issue with this game and Infinity. When I open Dark Souls… Infinity crashes. Every single time, without fail. Is there something I am missing? Thanks in advance.

Didnt leave much info. But if its cracked it wont work this trainer is for stream version.

Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list

Thank you, that seems like it may be the issue. I have Bitdefender, but I don’t want to uninstall it, because I have a paid, premium version. I will keep trying. Thanks.

Bitdefender is the worst.

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It is called bit defender, cleary it is doing its job defending against bits.

Hi I have a request could you please add one hit kills

Due to the age of this game no new options will be made, it is still able to be updated if votes for though :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay thanks you

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Hello i would like to request an update to this trainer for a few reasons

the unlimited health would love to take a simple fall in the dungeon right below king bull demon area where undead king dragon . Die from the simplest fall in there…

also having the max health bar stay filled fully with the unlimited vitality, cause gotta love seeing that big filled bar across my screen. (This should be noted with unlimited stamina and unlimited endurance same thing as well for them but fix the stamina bar where it’s filled fully.)

max level should be higher than 99 where it should be at 710

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