Dark souls: prepare to die edition

Would it be possible to get a trainer for the steam edition of Dark souls: Prepare to die edition?

It was suggested before, but of all the old games that deserve a Trainer.
I would say this one should get one since its a hard game and some people dont finish it since its hard :3

Yea I like dark souls because of the sword and stuff but way to difficult

Doesn’t even need to big a big trainer, just options for health and souls and I will be more than happy.

Yeah but our devs are very proud of quality so if they make one, im sure its a good one :slight_smile:

@REPPiN could you put this on your to do list?

i mean there kinda is look it up u can mod dark souls :stuck_out_tongue: or is that not what u guys are talking about lol

I bet there is a mod out there for the game. But this topic is about getting a trainer for the game added to Infinity

I would like for it to update so I can use steams’ latest Dark souls prepare to die edition hacked. It’s September 2016 Infinity. an update would be much appreciated.

I do like me a challenge. but having no risk of dying to try and find out what you missed is cool

This games online tho :ice_cream: