Darkest Dungeon problem

I have an issue with the infinity, the game called darkest dungeon doesnt want to work. When i want to scan for the game i select the folder and everything but it keep saying that : We couldn’t find the installation of darkest dungeon

Is the game cracked? If so it could be because of a different Folder Layout.
If the game is not cracked Infinity should automatically pick the right folder.
Also be sure to pick the right folder. I don’t know how the Folder layout is in this game but just in case.

Didn’t we talk about this yesterday in Discord? I believe you said you purchased your game through GOG and we told you it was developed for the steam version. You would need to make the file layout the same and have the same exe name as the steam version to make it work.


Post a screenshot of your game folder, @REPPIN will see if your exe names is different or you’re selecting wrong folder.

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Here you are.

Is there a folder called “_windows” ? @ramoszhun

Where is your game exe located? For steam, it is in _windows\Darkest.exe

Seems like its the Launch Darkest Dungeon. (I think)

Just noticed he got this with gog, could possible be a twist there.

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The exe is int the folder called _windownosteam

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i solved the problem

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i had to rename the folder

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Awesome! Happy to hear it :slight_smile: @ramoszhun

After playing nearly 1 hour i closed the game and turn off my pc, when i wanted to start the game from gog again the game crashed. The GOG client didnt reconize the game.

If you want to start the game via GOG rename the exe’s folder to its original name! (you won’t be able to use infinity though) @ramoszhun

i have the same problem and after i renamed the folder infinity open the game but still says “trouble finding your opened game”

Hey @ramoszhun , what did you name your folder? The cheats aren’t loading for me as well?