DAVE THE DIVER Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Sorry to say but Gold still seems to be non functioning.

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It is working properly.

I have to be doing something wrong than, i set the gold i want hit set but nothing changes. Is there something else i should be doing or a screen i should be on?

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Never mind i’m an idiot, i didn’t buy something afterward please disregard.

can you explain how to make it work

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Gold and weights don’t work. Please teach me the way. Maybe you need any modifications?

They work. The number just doesn’t change visually. If you have 1 Gold, and you set it to 9000, even if it says that you have 1, you will have 9000 and when you earn or purchase anything it will show the proper amount.

The Gold cheat was working 2 days ago , then for some reason they now dont work anymore. I am doing the same thing I was doing before so not sure what the reason is, maybe I progressed too far or something? Everything else works

trainer is some how causing the game to crash. while using the trainer, the game crashes a little bit after some activites. either while i was reeling in a fish or getting damaged. everything works except weight option, even set to 500, after exceeded the forced weight limit, cant pick up anything.

gold cheat didnt work,max weight too

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It’s not working. Quick patch, please.

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It’s been some days now since gold, weight, wasabi, and others not working properly. Maybe this needs updating.


Chiming in myself to echo others. Some of the mod options aren’t working. Gold and weight were the ones I tried using to no effect. :sob:

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Same here , some of the mod dont work like Weight and Gold

The DAVE THE DIVER cheats have been updated!


  • Set Custom Stats On Level Up cheat added
  • [Custom Stat] Appeal cheat added
  • [Custom Stat] Cooking cheat added
  • [Custom Stat] Procure cheat added
  • [Custom Stat] Serving cheat added

Gold works properly. The visual amount just doesn’t update when changing it, but once you purchase anything or earn any Gold, it will update.

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Thank you for doing the update. Very much appreciated. :+1:

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Thank you for the update

Not sure if it is the WeMod update or the game update but i am having major crashes which was not the case before, no crashes in 18 hours of play and now 7 crashes in an evening.

I loaded the previous version of the trainer and had no crashes for the last 2 hours. I did notice that the developer dropped a bug fix patch but it still crashed with the new trainer version. Hope the feedback helps.