Days Gone Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Just got DG on Epic. Come to find no trainer for it! Time to return it and buy it on Steam!

Wondering if anyone can help me, ive ran into this bug before where the game goes to black screen and crashes and theres nothing i can do, someone helped me get passed this once by providing me their game save just after the mission i was having problems with.

Ive ran into this problem again but this time its the mission called “I Kept My Name”, after the cut scene the game goes to black screen and crashes.

Would anyone on here have a game save shortly after this mission?



Will there be Epic version?


Same issue here as well, Can’t buy anything. It did it to me once before and I was able to get it to work by reloading a save without the cheats, but now that isn’t working either… I tried reloading the game without wemod on or active on my PC and I tried going from controller to mouse etc.
Hopefully there’s an actual fix or patch for this soon.

Could you add an epic version of the cheat?



If you did default installation, open the install directory (C:\Program Files\Epic Games\DaysGone) and you can drag & drop the exe into WeMod (click the button that says fix and drop the DaysGone.exe there)

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They really need to fix or remove the game speed option. Lost track of how many times I’ve accidentally hit scroll up and scrashed the game!

same same fml lol

makes the game so much more bearable to play, and if you feel like its getting too easy just hit godmode and unlimited health off, and youre good to go.

ok tested after update, unlimited focus, unlock all crafting, and crafting requirements have never worked for me, Items will not decrease will not stay in the on spot, turns itself off, and the rest will stay active and work to best what I have tested so far today, I don’t use the time ones, but they stay on if you activate it

Good Job. Bro

The Days Gone cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

item’s don’t decrease dosnt work for me, yesterday work

Thank you very much FLiNG for the much needed update. Keep killin’ it

didnt work for me

Having the same problem, “Items Don’t Decrease” won’t stay on, it appears to be broken by the last update

Work perfect for me :+1:

should make for epic too !would very nice

The Freeze Daytime cheat does not seem to work. I still see day and night cycles happening, as certain scenes involve a “time passage” before the actual cut scene occurs.