Days Gone Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I have recently started playing this game on PC (after originally finishing it on PS4 some time ago).

I’m not sure how long you’ve played the game for, but in my 40 hours so far, I have not experienced any crashes, either in the normal game mode or the challenge mode, with this trainer on.

My game also loads in ~30 to ~45 seconds launched from Steam first, then pressing Play in the trainer (just a force of habit of mine, coming from the generation(s) where the game used to need to be launched before the trainer, otherwise it wouldn’t work).

Finding hordes can be time consuming, but there’s a tip you can use with the trainer:

  1. Turn the stealth cheat on in the trainer.
  2. Drive around.
  3. If lone or small groups of zombies begin charging at you despite the stealth cheat being on, you’re in a horde area.

Basically, hordes are scripted in the game to begin chasing you as soon as you are detected, this means the stealth cheat is nullified, since trainers cannot alter scripted events in the game. Those zombies that can see and chase you despite having stealth on are part of a scripted horde, the “stragglers” who have broken away from the main group as the horde walked through the area earlier. As soon as the main horde is defeated, the stragglers in the area stop detecting you again.

Also look at your map for bloody splatters, indicating mass graves. Hordes are attracted by mass graves and congregate/walk around those areas.

(Zombies scripted to attack you can also appear in infestation zones, the ones who attack you after burning the nests, even with stealth turned on).

Started new game on Survival 2. On Steam “Super Accuracy” and “No Recoil” doesn’t work, the reticle starts wide with shotgun and gradually gets narrow when it should always start narrow with options.

needs to be updated asap please before i have to return it

Trainer is still working, if you can’t use you are doing something wrong.

I know it’s been 2 months since you comment, just trying to help.

Doesn’t work at all !

Where did you purchase the game? All mods are working for it.

Other games work fine just not Days Gone. Tried all I can think of, any game I have isn’t on C: different drive. Found DG .exe thought would have solved it still NOTHING. Got game from STEAM online .

STEAM online

Does this mean you purchased the game from Steam?

Yes. Other games work fine just not Days Gone. Tried all I can think of, any game I have isn’t on C: different drive. Found DG .exe thought would have solved it still NOTHING. Got game from STEAM online .

The game’s .exe isn’t called DG.exe.

The .exe is buried a little deeper for this game.

Just change the C:\ part to whichever drive it is on.

Can also confirm what @Chris said, trainer works perfectly.

I just typed DG.exe for short , no idea why not working new comp. back when used before had no problems. Works on other games not Days Gone ! For me anyway

the infinite ammo seems to work, well i’m still at the beginiing where deak and booze are moving in the tunnels and on their way to that motel area…

others like infinite health does not seem to work for me…

Just downloaded and the mod works well for me. I only use unlimited ammo, unlim bike health and unlim bike fuel. Nothing else. I can live without bike health and fuel but making ammo scarce was downright infuriating.

I also agree with some of the comments above about middle age gamers not having much time to take on the challenge when you got Daddy PooPoo and Daddy PeePee nagging every 30 seconds. Unlim ammo makes the game a fair play for gamers like me.

Thanks a lot for this mod. With the small tweak of unlim ammo I am able to enjoy the game a lot. How can I contribute / donate to the creator ?

go pro

Stealth mode causes game to crash.

Im getting the Bad Image error whenever I try to launch this game. I bought the game from steam. Can anyone help?

I bought the game on GOG but it was to download on Steam it was a game KEY so I have it on steam and downloaded on steam what version should I use cause the steam version starts launching the game first and then starting the Wemod normally and activating the cheats but it fails after a while playing and in most cases CTD or fails after a cutscene , so I am in doubt on what version to use ??!!

Also buy the GOG version without noticing that the mod are platform-sensitive !
I should have checked before…
Since the mod is available for both Epic & Steam, there should not be a huge workload to make it compatible with GOG ?
Fingers crossed !

Trainers are made (or updated) based on that game’s popularity on a specific platform as a whole amongst the entire WeMod community. If there are Steam & Epic versions, it means a lot of WeModders play the game on those platforms. If there’s no GOG version it means the number of WeModders who own the game on GOG is too low for a trainer to be economically viable.

Im in the tunnel ,beginning of game and just die lol, cant seem to attack the zombie jumps outta the door. Think im missing something how to play it. E pops up in screen but using E doent help. No idea what im doing wrong