Dead Cells Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The issue with that is it takes way too many votes to get a game updated, I would prefer that if a game’s cheats no longer works then just remove it or massively lower the amount it takes to get an update initiated. I was a pro member for around a year give or take and i never even came close to being able to request a game or update, hell i couldn’t even make a dent. I understand it’s not eazy 123 to create or update cheats. But leaving cheats up that dont work and the telling some to request an update with votes will basically mean nothing unless a ton of others request it feels a little like being brushed aside.

I’m not trying to throw shade just everytime I find something not working I see this ,and I have wasted all my coins voting for updates and games that will never be done. Still love wemod and the guys who work on it just felt like I needed to say something.


Yeah its bullshit. I bought subscription today just to find out that these cheats hasn’t even been working since last year. The only way to fasten the process is it pay for Tokens that cost about $50 for 100 Tokens.

Huh? What is broken?

The Dead Cells cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

It seems that you can’t kill bosses or monsters turned into elites with hunters grenade, because they have infinite health.

just wanna say, good job. all of the cheats work great except for an error with unlimited health. if you turn it on you arent able to damage bosses or elites, which is one of the main reasons i tried out the cheats. i hope you could fix this and again, great work.

thank god (@STN) there was an update!

but if the infinite health cheat is activated, you cant hurt bosses. it’s the only thing i noticed so far.


Infinite health work for bosses too. It’s annoying a little bit ;D

That happened to me on 2 other games what I did , when u get to the boss back out click the cheat off go back to game , back back out click the cheat back on and the boss did not have infinite health. Takes a lil time but worked for me

Hi, I have more of a question than a request. Why is it that “unlimited health” also affects bosses? I’m asking because in the latest update (Rise of the Giant) you have to beat the giant with 4 boss cells active in order to acquire the new fifth boss cell. Since I can’t use steam workshop mods (it disables the boss cell drop) I also can’t use both my 1-hit-sword mod and the remove-dmg-cap (on bosses) mod and without these I’m almost completely unable to do any damage to the giant and because “unlimited health” makes that the boss gets healed from any damage I do I have to turn it off which leads to my death sooner or later. It’s a vicious circle. So, is there any way to bypass this? Anyway, I love your work and I would’ve never got so far in this game without your trainers.
Sincerely, some dude

Ok some dude. I had that happen in 2 different games what I did when u get to the boss back out shut of the cheat , go back in , and then back out and turn it on again it worked for me mite work for you tooo :grinning:

Thank you, I’ll definitely try that out. ^^

Nope, doesn’t work at all… but thank you for the tip anyway.

I can confirm this infinite health bug too. It also makes bosses invincible…

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I’ve forwarded this to the dev @STN so he can push a fix :slight_smile:

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nothings happening here :frowning:

Any news on an update, even saying your busy may relieve some people.

Edit 1: Also I noticed some weapons damage the enemy but then heals them back to 100% such as the Hayabusa Gauntlets and Phaser while the unlimited health cheat is on. I know the enemies don’t have unlimited health because everything else still damages them.

Edit 2: The unlimited health cheat does affect all bosses as everyone else has been stating except The Hand of the King and not all elites from my experience. I’ve noticed that this bug has occurred and been fixed before, so I wonder why it keeps coming back, interesting.

Edit 3: The unlimited health cheat also affects Golems, good thing I stunned them against a wall to kill them.

Love your work by the way.

Any general idea on an update? As far as I’m aware, boss has unlim health when cheat is activated, no matter what weapons or upgrades I use.

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