Dead Island 2 connection issue

Started using Wemod for Dead island 2 on steam. Now it seems I am unable to connect to play with others in coop mode. Is there anything wemod infects into the game files that would prevent connecting with others in online play?

I have gone over multiple attempts with the game developers IT services and have not been able to resolve the issue. My game shows during launch that it is connecting to online services, my friend confirms that he can see me online in the game and that it says I am joinable, but it never connects.

Did you get a soft ban for cheating in online mode, if not you probably do now after you told the game dev IT crew you were using it.

As has been said many times in other game posts:
“The trainer is only intended for single player. WeMod does not condone cheating in multiplayer or co-op game modes. If the mods work in multiplayer it is not intended and we are not responsible for any consequences that may result from using the trainers online.”

No i never made mention of using wemod when working with their IT. How would i know if i got a soft ban, is that something i can check? Is there something on steam or epic i can check?

I never use Wemod in co-op games so I never researched how to check for a soft ban. But if you can’t connect, and you validated the game files, everyone checked connection issues, and they can see you online but you still can’t connect, that’s the first thought that comes to mind for the issue. One of the Admins or Moderators will probably be able to answer it better. Also if you actually go to the Dead Island 2 trainer discussion for Epic (in the wemod app, make sure you have the Epic not Steam version selected and click Discussion, it will take you to the page), someone on there might know more too. Or just wait till a Mod / Admin merges this topic into the correct section once they see it.

Hello! :slight_smile:

If you tried to cheat in an online game mode, you’re probably shadow banned.

Shadow banning means that you can still play the game and spend money buying things in the game, but you’re either:

  1. Unable to use online services.
  2. Only able to use online services to play with others who are shadow banned.

The point of a shadow ban is that you don’t realise you’re banned. So if you are - the developers and the game’s support team know that you are but cannot tell you, because of their non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

WeMod does not condone cheating in online game modes and does not provide the tools for doing so.

Thanks Ravenfyre.
I knew you (or one of the others) would reply eventually with a better description than I could do.

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Hello thanks for the reply. The developer IT services suggested i try running the game on another device, and i was able to connect and play with other people no problem, so i dont believe i am banned. But my main PC where i use wemod for Non competitive games doesnt seem to be allowing me to connect with others. So thats why i just wanted to find out if using wemod infects anything into my game files that could possibly prevent me from connecting with other players on this game?

WeMod does not touch any game files whatsoever.

Trainers work by inserting temporary code into the temporary memory addresses that the game is using in your PC’s RAM.

We’ve had no other reports of this as far as I can see. It sounds like a PC issue, to be honest. Check your firewall and anti-virus isn’t blocking your connection to the game’s servers. :slight_smile:

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